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General Inquiries & Reservations

Cape Charles Harbor is managed by Cape Charles Marine Services Inc. Contact our dockmaster for more information about dockage and rates.

Comments or concerns? Please let us know.

Via Land

11 Marina Road
Cape Charles, VA 23310
(757) 331-3100

Via Water

VHF Channels 09 & 16
37.2678 N, 76.0178 W

Rates are valid April 1, 2025, to March 31, 2025. Rates are established annually by the Town of Cape Charles. Please note: as of January 1, 2024, we apply a 1.5% service fee to all credit card transactions. Cash and checks are welcomed with no additional fees.

Annual or Seasonal $11.20/ft/mo Water $5/mo
Monthly $16.80/ft/mo Water $5/mo
Daily (up to 70′) $3.35/ft/day Water included
Daily (71′ and up) $4.50/ft/day Water included

Boats staying more than five days but less than one month will be charged the monthly rates. The minimum rate for monthly dockage is 35 feet; boats less than that will be charged at 35 feet. Boats must commit to a minimum of three months to receive the seasonal rate. Catamarans that extend outside of one slip will be charged for two slips.

30-amp $7/day $45/mo
50-amp $15/day $105/mo
100-amp single-phase $25/day $175/mo

The following discounts apply to dockage only at Cape Charles Town Harbor:


Commercial/Waterman (long-term) 55.3%
Commercial/Waterman (transient) 28.5%
Residents of Cape Charles 37.55%


Terms & Conditions

By docking a boat at Cape Charles Harbor, a vessel owner (the Owner) automatically agrees to the terms & conditions hereby disclosed by Cape Charles Marine Services Inc. (the Yard). This agreement is between Cape Charles Marine Services Inc. (the Yard/CCMS) and the vessel owner (the Owner). By this agreement, CCMS agrees to permit the Owner to dock the above-named vessel at the Yard for the period indicated.

Payment for transient vessels is due on arriving at the Yard. Payments for monthly dockage contracts are due by the first day of each month.

Reservations require a one-night dockage fee deposit. Cancellation of your reservation is required at least 48 hours in advance. If you cancel within less than 48 hours of your arrival, the one-night dockage fee is non-refundable. “No shows” will be billed the full amount of their reservations.

The Owner warrants that adequate hull insurance (inclusive of its equipment and related components) to protect the Owner’s interest and those of any and all parties with a financial interest in the vessel is in force at the time of signing, and the primary risk of loss shall be with The Owner.

The Owner is responsible for carrying liability (P&I, including crew coverage as warranted) insurance on the vessel.

The Yard requires the Owner’s name and telephone number to be marked on each dinghy kept at the Yard.

The Owner, on behalf of the Owner and the Owner’s insurer, indemnifies and holds the Yard, its officers, directors, employees, and agents harmless from all claims, damages, and losses, including attorney fees and loss of use, unless caused by the sole negligence of the Yard, its employees, or agents.

The Owner agrees to leave a key to any cars parked for an extended period of time at the Yard with an employee of the Yard office. Failure to do so may result in tow fees for the Owner if the vehicle must be moved.

The Owner agrees to allow the Yard at its sole discretion to take whatever actions it deems appropriate to attempt to safeguard the vessel in the case of threatened or occurring natural events that may place the vessel in peril, and to indemnify and hold harmless the Yard, its officers, directors, employees, and agents for any damage or loss that results therefrom. The Owner agrees to pay for extraordinary expenses incurred by the Yard while fulfilling this portion of the agreement.

The Owner is responsible for his/her vessel. The Owner agrees not to hold the Yard liable for any damages caused by weather, other vessels, Harbor visitors, or owner neglect.

The Owner is liable for any damage to the Harbor or Yard property or other vessels caused by the Owner’s vessel.

The Owner must maintain his/her vessel in operating, seaworthy condition. Derelict, leaking, or sinking vessels must be removed from the Harbor. If the Owner does not remove an inoperable vessel, the vessel will be removed at the Owner’s expense and the Owner’s right to dockage will be discontinued.

If the Owner sells his/her vessel, dockage does not convey to the new Owner. CCMS may grant a short period of time for a new Owner to move the vessel out of the Harbor. If the vessel is not moved promptly, CCMS reserves the right to haul the vessel at the Owner’s expense and/or bill the Owner at the nightly rate until the slip is relinquished.

The Yard offers long-term dockage on a first-come, first-serve basis. Following the summer season, the Owner has first right of refusal for the slip the next season. If the Owner relinquishes the slip, CCMS will offer the slip to the next Owner on its waiting list.

CCMS allows a limited number of live-aboards on a case-by-case basis.

Payment for monthly dockage is due on the first day of the month. A 1.5% service fee is applied to all credit card transactions. Cash and checks are welcomed with no additional fees.

Owner may not “loan out” his/her slip to other vessels without written permission from CCMS. No “Airbnb” or short-term rentals may be operated out of the Town Harbor Marina.

CCMS may end this dockage agreement at any time and without cause by providing a 30-day notice to Owner.

Owner or Subcontractor Work Policy

CCMS allows owners to perform work on their vessels using their own tools, with the exceptions that 1) there is absolutely no sanding, grinding, or bottom painting. This is due to environmental concerns. Should an owner choose to ignore these requirements, the boat will be assessed for the appropriate amount of time it would have taken to paint and the owner will be billed that amount at CCMS’s rates.

Any person, except an owner of the yacht on which he is working or the owner’s full time captain, shall provide a copy of insurance coverage prior to doing work at the Town Harbor. Such coverage will include, at a minimum, liability in the amount of $1,000,000 and workers’ compensation in the amount of $500,000.

Our employees are very friendly and outgoing; please do not put them in an awkward situation by asking to use shop tools and equipment. We have had too many close calls with owners, captains and subcontractors and wish to avoid a serious injury. Under no circumstances will anyone other than CCMS employees use tools or equipment owned by CCMS.

Owners, contractors and crews who are doing boat work shall:

  • Sign in every day and indicate the nature of activities.
  • Observe all safety precautions and policies instituted by CCMS.
  • Not impede the progress of work being performed by CCMS or interfere with the CCMS work schedule.
  • Not enter any restricted area including private offices, stores, and shops except when accompanied by CCMS staff.
  • Immediately report injury to persons or damage to property and equipment; alert a member of CCMS staff and file a written report of the incident.
  • Enter premises only during normally scheduled hours of operation at CCMS.

Anyone found not adhering to CCMS policy will be asked to leave the yard.

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Group Reservations

If you’re part of a yacht club or fleet that wishes to arrange for group dockage, please send us an email or call us at 757-331-3100.

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